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posh nosh

a friend and i were just having a conversation about food network and he turned me over to this english cooking show called "posh nosh". it was on pbs he said, but now could only be found on youtube--which is a damn shame.

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film festival

Thursday, February 7th - Time TBA - Jersey City Museum. Opening night, but will play till June.

Thursday, June 12th - 7PM. Jersey City Museum. Official Premiere.

Cape May Film Festival - TBA
Hoboken Historical Museum - TBA


i fixed up "the mouse at the seashore" a lot, so the youtube version is old. i added music--i'm sure some of you know where i got that music too. hopefully peeps could make it.
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2girls1cup Reaction

I filmed this the other day.. It started out as pretty good quality, but I had to edit it using youtube's thing and that crapped it out. It's my Mom/the gagger, Aunt, and cousin's reaction to that damn movie.

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(no subject)

I came on specifically to write about Smokey's passing on November 24th, 2007..

But breaking down again has gotten in the way of that.
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(no subject)

my xbox 360 died yesterday. the red lights of death began flashing on the ring of life after the system froze in the middle of my game.

i did all the troubleshooting before calling them, but nothing. now i have to send it to texas. they said it could take a month to get it back.. argh.
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Help protest the police inaction of investigating the murder of a transwoman in North Philadelphia

Help protest the police inaction of investigating the murder of a transwoman in North Philadelphia

Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask you to support work that I'm doing with the Justice 4 Erika campaign here in Philly. Erika Keels was murdered on March 22, 2007 on North Broad Street in Philadelphia. Witnesses saw an assailant eject Erika, a 20-year-old black transwoman, from his car, and intentionally run her over four times, killing her and leaving the scene. A medical examiner's report supports these eyewitness accounts. But police ruled Erika's death an accident and have refused to conduct an investigation. The driver, Roland Button, was later apprehended, but he has yet to face criminal charges—including "hit and run" charges. When Ms. Keels' friends, who are themselves trans, questioned police officials about the classification of her death as an accident, they were asked to disclose their "birth" names and told they were "trying to make something out of nothing."

Our immediate goal is for the Philadelphia Police Commissioner and the Accident Investigation Division to reopen Erika's case and conduct a thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding her death. We want to send a powerful message to the Philadelphia Police Department that we stand together to demand justice for trans and gender non-conforming people, police accountability, and respect for the inherent dignity and worth of every person. Things you can do to help:

1. Sign our community support letter (read below and sign at

2. Get organizational sign-ons from groups you're in or connected to. (Organizations should email to confirm their support.)

3. Come to the Justice 4 Erika demonstration on Thursday, June 14 at noon @ 6th and Arch in Center City Philadelphia.

4. Sign up for weekly email updates on the campaign (email